Antony Happy learns from Ronaldo every day

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Manchester United forward Antony has revealed he is delighted to learn from team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo every day at the club.

         The Brazil international made an impressive debut with an instant goal in the 3-1 home win over Arsenal, in which Antony hailed Ronaldo as an unusual idea and a joy to have. Learn from the best players in the world.

         “I’m here to help my teammates. no matter what age All the players ufabet are very talented,” Antony told the club’s website. “Words cannot describe who is Cristiano, this is the best player in the world. In just a few days I learned a lot from him.

         “He has an unusual idea and every time I talk to him. I got a lot I am confident that we have a strong attacking line and are very promising for the future.”

         When asked about his unique style of play, Anthony said he was always looking to entertain his fans.

         “I always do this. Not just here but with every team I’ve played for. I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. I always do it It’s one of my peculiarities.”

         “I’m adjusting and getting used to things here. Entertainment has always been my passion and will continue to do so.”